our name.

ō-lī′və |  oh-LEE-vah

Strength. Longevity. Resilience. Versatility. Family.

inspired and true.

For generations, the formidable olive tree has stood tall as a pillar of health and vitality. A beacon of stability amidst the uncertainty of its surroundings. During an era of tremendous challenge, much like the olive tree, Oliva Therapeutics was born to deliver calmness and direction to healthcare.

Rooted in family and integrity, Oliva highlights a personal generational journey for its founders. The humble olive represents the blossoming of a new family, a chance encounter of love, and a devotion to the aptly named New York City landmark restaurant. As the olive tree delivers fruit, so too did it serve to initiate a lifetime of joy for future generations to leave their mark on a changing world.

The family connotation is in honor of a beloved “Nonna” whose personal journey through the war-torn Mediterranean led her down a transformative path alongside a trusted partner who would be known as “Poppy” to three generations. As the olive tree is rooted in aged volcanic soil, the pair set their roots and withstood unprecedented challenges to begin a modest business in a basement, before witnessing generational growth and success.

While so much of healthcare is consumed by negative headlines and uncertainty, Oliva Therapeutics remains true to our roots of trust and conscience.

ō-lī′və | oh-LEE-vah.

Oliva Therapeutics, LLC is a healthcare company focused on integrity and rooted in family. In an ever-changing world, Oliva aims to bring clarity and simplicity to patients, physicians, and caregivers through our high-quality products and services.
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