Oliva Therapeutics Announces Long-term Partnership with Rio Biopharmaceuticals

Multi-Product Supply Agreement Expands and Diversifies Company Portfolio

RIDGEWOOD, NJ – JUNE 15, 2023: Oliva Therapeutics, LLC, a healthcare company focused on product commercialization, sales, marketing, distribution, and promotion, announced today a long-term partnership with Rio Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., a subsidiary of the EMS S/A Pharma family of companies, for the exclusive North American supply and distribution rights to a multi-product portfolio.

The collaboration expands and diversifies the Oliva product portfolio while representing the first commercialization into the United States and Canadian markets for Rio Biopharmaceuticals, expanding upon the organization’s vast global presence.

“Oliva Therapeutics is excited and honored to have been selected as the exclusive partner for this unique and high-value portfolio of products,” said Oliva Therapeutics CEO Daniel Akeson. “The Rio Biopharmaceuticals team and EMS have developed an incredible global infrastructure with a thoughtful portfolio that offers quality and value.”

“Rio Biopharmaceuticals, and the EMS Pharma organization, have a tremendous history of delivering high-quality, cost-conscious pharmaceuticals throughout the world,” said Rio Biopharmaceuticals CEO Dr. Daniel Salazar. “Entering into the North American markets represents an important step in our growth and evolution, and partnering with a family-owned company in Oliva Therapeutics ensures that our culture and values are well represented.”

The portfolio anticipates initial product commercialization in 2024 followed by additional launches over the succeeding 24-months. 

“This partnership creates a tremendous platform for both organizations,” said Oliva Therapeutics COO Michael Turnamian. “With the opportunity for additional future assets, Oliva is well positioned to continue growing our portfolio by supporting all dosage forms in both branded and generic spaces.”

About Oliva Therapeutics, LLC:

Oliva Therapeutics, LLC (https://olivatherapeutics.com) is a healthcare company focused on integrity and rooted in family. In an ever-changing world, Oliva aims to bring clarity and simplicity to patients, physicians, and caregivers through our high-quality products and services.

Contact: info@olivatherapeutics.com

About Rio Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.:

Rio Biopharmaceuticals Inc is the US subsidiary of EMS S/A, the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil (https://www.ems.com.br). EMS S/A currently markets over 500 generic and innovative products in Brazil and internationally. Rio will be bringing selected products from this extensive portfolio to the US market following US Food and Drug Administration Approval.

Contact: info@riobiopharma.com

Oliva Therapeutics, LLC, a Specialty Healthcare Company, Announces Commencement of Operations

RIDGEWOOD, NJ, MAY 18, 2022 – – Oliva Therapeutics, LLC, a privately-held specialty healthcare company, announced commencement of operations at their new downtown Ridgewood, New Jersey offices located at 45 N Broad Street. 

“Oliva was founded with the intention of bringing stability and clarity to the healthcare industry following such tumultuous times,” said Daniel Akeson, Co-Founder & CEO. “Our values are rooted in family, conscience, and integrity and that will be reflected in all of our offerings.”

Being centrally located within the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut tri-state area allows for collaboration with the region’s top healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as well as access to a diverse and experienced industry network.

“It is both an exciting and challenging time in our industry which presents an incredible opportunity for Oliva Therapeutics to think differently as we begin to structure a sustainable and nimble organization,” said Michael Turnamian, Co-Founder & COO.

Oliva will offer capabilities in a wide range of therapeutic areas, dosage forms, and product classes with a focus on niche opportunities. A valued network of experienced partners in multiple industry disciplines allows Oliva to offer a solution to nearly every opportunity.

Organizational and commercial infrastructure activities are underway with initial product launches currently targeted for the second half of 2022. 

For more information and partnership opportunities, inquirers are encouraged to visit the newly launched olivatherapeutics.com website or call direct +1 (201) 735–8618.

About Oliva Therapeutics

Oliva Therapeutics, LLC, a privately held specialty healthcare company, is an emerging organization focused on the commercialization of high-quality therapeutics while offering flexible solutions for a variety of partnership, product, and platform opportunities. The information included herein is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional regarding your health or medical condition.

Contact: Ms. Alison Greenberg info@olivatherapeutics.com